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May 9, 2009

You can now also find us at along with reports from everyday lifes of the designers behing Nakkna, Whyszeck, The Local Firm, Gram and Julian Red.


Our very own style icon

April 30, 2009

Sorry, I should have posted this ages ago, the days just went by but now I feel like I gotta tell the world about my colleague Kristian’s creative kinship with Hedi Slimane. Around New Year’s Kristian got a new haircut, the similarity between him and Hedi’s models were striking…


Right pic: Kristian by me, left pic: anonymous model by Hedi or no… wait… erm.

These two guys also wanted to look like K;


Mr Matthew Stone (je t’aime!) and mr Martin Gore.

Anyways, today I saw a new post on Nicola Formichetti’s blog, displaying he’s latest collab with Hedi, and apparently those two gents have been around the world to search for someone who looks just like Kristian:


Well, he looks just like Kristian in need of a full english breakfast.


Object of Desire

April 29, 2009

Will be posting pics shortly from wonderful Hyères, for now just a quick note about the perfume “Wode” from Boudicca, it came out late last summer but I didn’t hear about it until now when I saw it as part of the A Shaded View on Film programme.

This is my new craving for sure, 65 quid from Browns Fashion, a bargain :)

Nakkna S/S-09 “In The Flesh”

April 10, 2009

+46 Store opening!

March 12, 2009

Finally we were ready for the opening of our 350sqm store with shop-in-shops with Nakkna, Back, Our Legacy, Carin Wester, Julian Red, Wood Wood, Gram, The Local Firm, Stylein, 2707, Camilla Norrback, Uniforms and Whyszeck! First we had some champagne-and-piano-mingle in the store. After that we where on a more bumpy ride at the 2:35.1 night club..! Thanks to all of you!

Friday Night, Where Art Thou?

February 27, 2009

Friday night and what do you do? Re-sizing, cropping and making the beautiful pictures to the online store EVEN more beautiful! Soon my friends. Soon, they are all online and for your pleasure. Since where almost done with the new (psysical) +46 Store all out eyes are now on the digital creating: +46 Online Store! Within next week, we put up loads of nice stuff from Back, Our Legacy, Nakkna, Carin Wester, Common Projects, Stine Goya, Opening Ceremony so on, so on… We strongly recommend being on the +46-newsletter for being first on the cake! Below is pics from one of the hectic shooting days.

Have a lovely evening! Now you know what I´m up to… :-)

/ Kalle

Fashion Table Tennis & Norse Projects

February 27, 2009

Found Some pics in the camera from our last night in Copenhagen. A table tennins tournament in the showroom of the sales agency California Sports. Jacob (Soulland) made it to the final with his (semi-pro) accountant..! Yours truly didn’t participate through late arrival… But next year, oh yes! We also met the guys from Norse Projects whom showed us their new collection. Very clean cuts and with nice knits! In store A/W-09.

+46 goes Bob the Builder

February 17, 2009

The whole crew is hard at work and the new space at PUB is looking promising! The interior design was made in collaboration with Bau architects who created a light and beautiful space with pastels and raw MDF. Our inspiration came from iconic stores Colette, Maison Martin Margiela and Dover Street Market and Bau has helped us try and find a similar feel using  postmodernistic/deconstructivistic references.



We also had a day #2 of designer presentations with Back, Uniforms for the Dedicated, Carin Wester and Nakkna.



S/S-09 presentation day #1

February 17, 2009

Day 1 of collection presentation by the brands for the PUB and +46 staff. Early morning, nice coffee and interesting talks by Axel and Richard (The Local Firm), Piotr (Julian Red), Jockum (Our Legacy), Anna (Gram), Ulrika (Stylein) .

Camilla Norrback A/W-09 show at PUB

February 12, 2009

Today Camilla Norrback had a show at PUB. Aw09 collection was inspired by the nordic herritage and the Nordic climate. Another inspiration have been the iconic twin peaks something that was shown in the dark,dull expression in the collection. But the collection also had a soft feminine side to it. We are happy that Norrback will be sold at our webshop and at our +46 store at pub.

Stine Goya A/W-09

February 6, 2009

Stine used girls on swings (no pics unfortunately) to present a really strong and sexy (as always) collection. Meeting with her within the hour, stay tuned for previews of our selection!

Soulland A/W-09 show

February 6, 2009

Diesel Black Gold

February 6, 2009

Yesterday we bought diesel black gold. The collection was influenced by marchin band and very Yamamoto like.

Off to Copenhagen!

February 5, 2009

It’s time for Departure to Copenhagen fashion week! Four days with trade fairs, shows, meetings, parties and, of coarse loads of Carlsberg..! Stay tuned for daily updates.

And everything starts with a 45min delay… Snow shuffle, anyone?

Curtains and Dresses by Hanna Frostell

February 3, 2009

Yesterday we went to a few exhibition that was a part of Stockholm design week. We went to an exhibition by 10 swedish young designers at Hotel Birger Jarl. The artist that made the strongest impression on us was Hanna Frostell and her exhibition Curtains and Dresses.

The Local Firm S/S-09 delivery!

January 30, 2009

Really nice stuff!! Online soon..!

1 day of fashion week one day to late

January 27, 2009

It has been a lot of work today with preparing for our four shows tomorrow. That is why I post the pictures from yesterdays excellent acne show now. / kristian

The night before…

January 27, 2009

…the four +46 shows at Fashion Week by Berns! 10.56pm at the office. The seating is finally set, now we’re just waiting for the handheld high tech guestlist managers. Future!

Interview with +46 on Swedish national TV

January 15, 2009

An interview on Swedish national TV (svt1) with Kalle and Kristian from +46/ODD Projects about culture entrepreneurship. Footage from PUB department store in Stockholm.

Broadcasted: 14th Jan -09.

There’s nowhere else I’d rather be but…

January 14, 2009

…There; Dutch museum MU is presenting an Henrik Vibskov retrospective called “The Visit”. How ever lovely the emerging spring in Stockholm might be, I’d still love to go and immerse myself in boobies and jumping jacks.


Photo by Fashion Project